How To Prevent Cyberattacks

With the increased usage of internet in almost all the sphere of life, the threat of cyberattacks has also taken the world by shock. A cyber attack is the situation when a hacker stealthily creeps into your database and steals or misuses the data to harm you and your organization. There have been many reports citing a massive damage by a cyber attack on the system.
Sometimes these attacks can be very damaging for an individual too. A cyber attack into your bank details can make you lose every single penny that you might have saved after much pains. An attack into the army database ca cause leakage of important documents which can result in the country’s miserable condition in the hands of the enemies. These attacks can also lead to some more serious even disastrous situations like a nuclear war if the details of a country’s nuke power are leaked. For smaller institutions this can result in data theft and breach of copyright act. The data theft can make your organization lose clients and also become susceptible to forged activities in your name, which can spoil your reputation in the market. Sometimes these attacks can launch a malware and corrupt your whole system causing you the loss of huge money and work.

There are many ways in which a cyber attack can be prevented, believe the experts. There should be a proper strategy making and discussion on the boardroom panels of every organization regarding the cybersecurity of their system. There should be tasks divided to the IT team of the company regarding the management of cybersecurity. They should keep an eye on the latest cybersecurity trends in the market and should apply them to their system. There are a few basic points of cybersecurity which every organization must follow:
  • Regular patching of firewalls must be done to keep a check on any malware approaching the system.
  • Setting strong password is the most basic thing that can be done to prevent cyberattacks. A strong password which is not related to the user in any direct way (birthday, name, name of immediate family member, anniversary etc.) is considered to be the easiest safety precaution that any individual can take to avoid cyberattacks.
  • Always change the password given to you by your Wi-Fi service provider as that password can cause a hack into your system and you can lose your data.
  • Installing a good anti-virus software to every device is also one of the simplest ways to prevent a hack into your system. You should ask all the employees who use the internet on their devices to install a good anti-virus software and step up the firewalls to prevent any misuse.
  • Whenever you buy any software, even from a big firm, always make it a point to scan it in your system before deploying it. No big names guarantee safe software. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Always ask your employees to scan and open an email which they doubt of being malicious. This type of emails can launch a malware into your system and can sweep away your data and corrupt the system in no time. It is always better to scan the mails before opening them.

Though, earlier it was believed that the hackers have an upper hand when it comes to cybersecurity threats, but now experts believe that if certain precautionary steps are taken at every level, these attacks can be prevented. If the organizations have a well-defined cybersecurity system in place and make use of the basics of cybersecurity, the threat of attacks is reduced to negligible level. For enterprise level also there are many cybersecurity tools available in the market these days. Deploying those tools to the enterprise system will help in avoiding such attacks.

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