Enterprise Mobile Application Development Fundamentals For a Startup

With the growing usage of smartphones, users are becoming more and more dependent on applications. From mobile and electricity bills to social media to healthcare to ordering food and clothes to hiring a taxi, everything is being done with the help of an application with just a swipe on the smartphones. Mobile applications are more convenient than traditional means of buying or doing things which used to take much effort and time. This has made it mandatory for every business to have a sound mobile application. Any business that doesn’t have a good mobile application these days is bound to lose big money.
An enterprise mobile application is a mobile application development company that is generally used in the business world to solve the problems of an enterprise. A good enterprise mobile application is robust, scalable, responsive and cross-platform compatible i.e. they can be accessed from mobile phones, tablets, laptops or PCs all alike. It is very important for such applications to be developed using the right tools, the latest technologies and platforms. Even a startup business needs a good mobile application to boost its sales and widen its customer base.


Every mobile app developer should keep these few things in mind while developing a mobile application for a startup:
  • Purpose of the app: it is very essential to have a clear idea of the purpose of the mobile app before getting it developed. The needs of the business, the possible customer base and their expectations should be analysed so that the app is not vague but a focused one. The features of the app should be decided accordingly. Adding unnecessary features to an app would only render it tiresome and would repel users which is not good for any business, not at all for a startup.
  • The strategic development: it is always better to have clear strategies before the app development starts. There should be a clear strategy about the correct tools and techniques, resources and budget for the app development process. Choosing the right and latest mobile platform is also a careful consideration for the app to be in vogue.
  • The app should be scalable: since the business needs of a startup keep changing, the app should be made scalable according to the needs of the business. If the app is not scalable it would soon be outdated as the technology keeps changing every day. A mobile app that is not scalable would require continuous investments in redesigning of the app and could also lead to revenue loss in the future.
  • The app should be consistent: it is very important for the app to be consistent. If an app doesn’t look the same on different screens, there is a fear of losing the customers. Therefore, the UI, programme updates, documentation and reusability of codes should be consistent in the application. This can be achieved through collaborative approach while designing the application with the client and the developing team.
  • App should be bug free and safe: it is very essential for the mobile app to be bug free and secure from other threats like hacking. The danger is higher with an enterprise mobile app as it has cross-functional features and might have more than one third party systems integrated into it. This makes the app vulnerable as data exchange takes place in such a situation. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for the developers to inculcate a practice of encrypting sensitive data. To ensure that the app is bug free and safe, a robust testing should be done before deployment.
  • Pilot version of the app should be launched: when the developers are ready with the final product for deployment and have done the security testing, they should launch a pilot version of the app before actually releasing it for public use. The app can be tried within the colleagues and relatives which would highlight shortcomings or loopholes if any, which can be mended before the actual launch.
  • Be updated: even while the development process is taking place, many technological advancements are made in the world of smartphones. Almost every day a new technology is launched or an older version is upgraded with some new features. The developing team should take care of all the latest updates in technology and should include the latest version in the app.

Keeping all these features in view, a very efficient and profitable enterprise mobile app can be developed for startups which would boost their reputation, carve a niche for them in the market, widen the consumer base and earn higher profits for the business. Mobilify is a mobile app development company that takes all these points into consideration and develop the best mobile app for startup companies. They have years of experience in the field and have gained a very positive reputation for being the most proficient, punctual and up to date company in the field. They design robust, scalable, safe and upgraded version of mobile apps with the help of latest tools and platforms. They have a collaborative approach towards application development that ensures that the client gets what he wants in his app. They also undertake analysis and research of the market trends to find out what is best suited for the business of their client. They also conduct a quality check and launch a pilot version of the app before deployment to ensure the best mobile app experience for the business of a startup company. They design the app within the given budget and time and ensure no leakage of the data. Hire Mobilify for the best enterprise mobile app development for your startup business.                                                      
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