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Android is one of the most sought after mobile platforms. The ease of use and easy availability has made it the most popular mobile platform these days. It offers a wide arena of app for different functions covering almost all sections of life. Android has applications ranging from basic search apps to gaming to lifestyle. Everything is available under the same platform. There have been 6 versions of Android which are currently in use and the latest version, Android 7.0 called “Nougat” is already available for use. The latest version has been equipped with a battery saver function, multi window UI, direct reply notifications and much more.

There are certain apps available on the latest version of Android which have become the hot favorites of the smartphone users. These apps are:
  • Dashlene: it is a password managing app that has gained high popularity amongst the users.
  • Avast anti-virus app: due to the high regard of Avast in the field of anti-virus security systems, this app has also become very popular.
  • Chrome Beta: it is one of the fastest web browsers and the high demand of this app on the playstore speaks in volumes about its popularity.
  • Podcast and Radio Addict: this is one of the best podcast apps available on Android and is also in high demand.
  • Fleksy+ GIF keyboard: it is one of the best Android keyboard apps available for users in Playstore.
  • Google Play Music: one of the most downloaded app for easy and quick music download on Android.
  • Hulu: the most popular live TV and movies watching app on Android platform.
  • PhotoDirector and PhotoEditor: best photo editing app available on Android and also one of the most downloaded apps from Playstore.
  • VLC : the best video app for Android. This is also available for download on Playstore.
  • HERE WeGo: the best GPS and navigation app from mapping giant HERE available on Android. Makes travelling to unknown destination easy and fun.
  • Kids Place: best Android app for kids which comes with Parental Control too.
  • Caustic 3: best musicians’ app on Android that makes creating music easy and fun.
  • Google Drive: the best cloud storage Mobile apps development for Android. Makes storing easier, more convenient and safer too.
These are some of the most popular and high-in-demand Android apps for the latest Android versions. These apps make using the smartphone all the more fun. At Mobilify we develop apps on the latest Android platform and use the latest techniques for the app development process. We make use of the above apps to provide you the best Android experience ever. By using Studio 2.2, which comes with 20+ new features, the app development process at Mobilify boasts of the latest style in the apps we design for you. Still have doubts on why you should hire us? Here are a few reasons:
  • Skilled & Experienced Labour: Your project at Mobilify will be developed safe in the hands of the skilled and experienced labour that have expertise in developing specially Android Applications. We have the complete knowledge of the latest Android platforms and we do substantial research on the latest launches as well. Our team is into the R&D of Android 7.0 “Nougat” and we ensure that the apps developed will be compatible with Android 7.0.
  • Time Efficient: The developers at Mobilifys tend to develop the project in the given time and promise you to deploy to project on the deployment date itself.
  • Cost Effective: Our developers’ team work on the phenomenon of high coupling which minimizes the cost of development of a project, thus taking care of your pocket.
  • Latest & Trusted Methodology: Mobilify uses the latest methodology making your product compatible to almost every version of android. Also, we built the app on the methodology tried and tested for there should not be any bug in your application.
  • The Source Code: The source code of the application will only be available to you so as to make you aware about all the minute details of the working of the application. The source code will not be available to anyone else, making your source code and your application secured.
  • Prototype: We at Mobilify believe that the user of the application (our customer) must be aware about each step in the development cycle and that there should be high involvement of the customer in the app development. This is where prototype comes into scene. We provide you with a prototype of the app before the actual app is deployed to you so that you can get an idea about how your app will look and you can tell us about the changes that you want to be made.
  • Technical Support: We offer the world class technical support for any application related issue.

Hire Mobilify for the bestAndroid App Development for Android 7.0 Nougat, which would perfectly suit your needs, budget and reputation.

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