Growth of Mobile Maturity In Enterprises and User Experience

More and people have started using mobile phones and are handling them with better maturity , according to a report. It has been reported that the enterprises are also using the mobile devices and applications in a more relevant way these days. Even a part of the business is being managed using these applications in today’s world. The average number of mobile and apps being used by individuals and enterprises has increased substantially. The usage of cloud-based SaaS apps at work has also increased manifolds in the recent days. Most of the companies are designing and deploying their own apps for the enhanced profit percentage in their business.
In a recent survey more than 50% of people, most of whom were enterprise owners, believed that app and mobile device usage was related to the increased profit in their business. The comfort level with the usage of these mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and more has substantially increased within the past few days. Some enterprises use these devices and applications merely because they do not want to lag behind in this ever advancing world of technology.

The enterprises have also developed a mature way of handling these devices and apps. They have found out the safety measures that need to be taken in order to save any data leakage. The IT departments of most of the organisations have a strictly formulated policy related to the usage of these devices and apps. These policies govern the usage of mobile devices and SaaS apps and prevent any misuse. Even the personal devices of the employees are being synchronized as per the organisation’s policy and they are allowed to use the internet services and apps.
Though the enterprises and individuals have developed a better and more mature way of handling the mobile devices and apps, they are still a few glitches in the user experience. The users often complain about the slow speed and internet connectivity problem with the mobile devices and apps. This is the biggest problem that is reported wit enterprise mobility.
The second and the most important glitch is the security breach in case of these apps. The apps tend to leak important data and critical user information that can be potentially very dangerous. The enterprise mobility also has to deal with this problem in order to enhance the customer satisfaction on the usage of these apps and devices.
Another problem that enterprise mobility has to deal with is the fear amongst the employees that the installation of these apps on their personal devices might too interference in their privacy by the organization. Due to this fear, many employees shy away from installing the apps on their personal devices. The organization should take time to invest the trust in their employees that the installation of the app would not lead to any breach in their personal space. Some employees also flinch from installing these apps as doing this is not a part of their work package for which they are paid. In such a case it is the responsibility of the senior members of the organization to tell the employees about the benefit of the app and that the profit of the organization is directly linked to their own profit.

It is only after dealing with these challenges that enterprise mobility would see the zenith in the future.

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