Mobile Apps Tend To Leak Data

Mobile Apps Tend To Leak Data, Are They Safe For An Enterprise?
While mobile applications are almost taking over the world and most of the enterprises are trusting upon them for their work, they also present some huge challenges in front of us. It has been reported by many leading sources that mobile apps tend to lose data. The question this poses is a big one- are mobile apps safe for an enterprise’s usage? The growing incidents of mobile data leakage and security breaches is frightening and very disheartening towards their usage too.

The mobile apps leak data related to the personal information too from the cloud storage. Critical information such as IMEI numbers, SIM card information, network and personal details of the user are being leaked by these apps. Since Android devices and apps have a bigger share in the market, therefore, the data breach by Android is the highest in numbers. Sometimes the apps even leak the information about a person’s exact location using longitude and latitude info. There have been reports of the leakage of user’s mobile number and email addresses too. This is quite threatening. Leakage of such vital information can lead to some very disastrous results. Your mobile number and email address can be hacked and used for any illegal activity. By knowing your exact location, anyone can target you personally at any point of time.
These leakages can occur due to some transactions which might be malicious in nature and might be designed to steal the data from your phone. Some Android apps are designed in malicious ways only to steal the data of the user and use it in some illegal activities.
Even iOS apps and devices tend to leak user’s personal data. This is also the result of some malicious content being installed in an app or downloaded via web or some email.
If this is the scene then any hacker can easily use these apps to steal all the important information about the organization. The important data that has been stored using any these applications can be easily misused by the hackers. The information about hardware devices such as their IMEI numbers can lead to some potentially disastrous situations such as the corruption of the whole system.

Even the app developers can’t promise of protecting someone from these attacks completely. Only few of the developers actually take the pains of testing and security checking before launching an application. It becomes the duty of the organization to take care of the security arrangement before launching and using an application. Adequate safety measures such as encryption of important data, anti-virus and anti-theft software should be installed in all the devices. Whether personal or organisation’s.
Mobile apps development are the trend of these days and any organization can’t and shouldn’t stop using them, as they will lag behind in technology if they do so. It is better to employ safety measure and keep using the Mobile applications development which are in many ways beneficial for the organization and the business.

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