Mobile Application Migration

Mobile Application Migration is a process of shifting an application from one environment to another, for example migration of an on premise enterprise server to a cloud provider’s environment and vice-versa. This is a complicated process as while migrating an application from one environment to another, some changes are bound to occur. Since the applications are designed to work on the environment they are developed and migrating them to a different platform raises some complications.
Migration becomes essential due to the changing technologies and usage of the customers. Sometime maintenance issues, performance and reliability constraints also become the compelling factors for application migration.
What are the Benefits of Application Migration?
  • It mitigates business risks.
  • It improves the system’s performance.
  • Enhances data portability.
  • Reduces ownership costs.
  • It enhances operational efficiencies.
  • It enhances technical support.

There are mainly two types of Mobile application migration these days which are important for the companies. The web development companies provide Mobile application development services for both these migrations. The most important application migrations are:
  • Conversion of a desktop application to a mobile application: since the world is going crazy with the advent of smartphones and tablets, the necessity of having applications designed to suit the needs of these mobile devices has increased. Certain desktop application have become defunct due to their compatibility issues. In such a scenario, it becomes important to migrate the desktop applications to mobile platforms so that the reach of the application doesn’t get limited.
  • Conversion of mobile applications on the basis of operating systems: certain applications are compatible only with one mobile operating system. These applications also need to be migrated to different mobile operating systems in order to widen their needs.
Why Choose Us Mobilify?
  • We have a team of expert developers who have the complete knowledge or techniques and are capable of offering the best Mobile application Development experience.
  • Our application migration procedure is seamless and hassle free.
  • We first analyse and assess your business requirements and migrate the applications to a platform best suited to your needs.
  • We provide customized application development and migration services.
  • We provide system readiness for prospective application migration initiatives.
  • We provide comprehensive assessment to develop clear solutions.
  • Our migration services involve minimal system downtime.
  • We also offer application re-engineering services to suit the needs of the client.
  • We ensure improved agility business continuity.
  • Our services increase competitive advantage.
  • We ensure increased profitability by migrating the applications to the best suited platforms.
  • Our migration code development is the best-in-class.
  • We also put the application through many tests after migrating to ensure its enhanced performance.
  • We ensure the best deployment practice for your migrated application and also certify the system after rigorous testing.
  • We offer flexible payment options for you to choose.
  • We ensure timely delivery of results.
  • Your data is completely safe with us and you don’t have to worry about any leakage or duplicity.

You simply have to contact us for the migration of your application to any platform that you desire and let us offer you world class app migration experience.

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