Consequences Of The Rush To Release Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become an important part of life and business and many business owners are hiring mobile app development companies to develop the suitable app for their business. But are these developers releasing apps which are not only useful but safe also? Are they taking adequate measures to test the app before releasing them or are they simply in a rush to release the app without bothering over the consequence?
A recent study reveals that most of the mobile app development companies are in a rush to release mobile applications without bothering even to test them in real-time situations. This situation is really very dangerous for the end users as it might result in data theft of the customers or even the enterprise that is using the app. The study reveals that the developers do not ensure that proper and encrypted or safe coding practices are employed while coding the app. They are just in a hurry to release the app. This condition puts the user at risk of hacking and data theft. The reason why the developers are in a hurry is because developing any app takes substantial amount of time and money investment on the part of the developer. They want to profit from most of their time investment by designing as many apps as they can. Every single app development translates into money for them and the mad rush to earn more and more money and gain higher profit for the company forces the developers to release the app without even properly testing it.

In the present situation where more and more people are using mobile applications for personal and business use, it becomes even more crucial to have safe deployment of the apps. Any app that is not safe from hacking might make an individual or the enterprise lose substantial data or even cause the complete corruption of hardware due to some malicious attack. Cyber attacks are potentially very dangerous and can make you lose even your most personal details such as mobile number, email address or even your exact location. This situation makes you very vulnerable.
The Mobile Apps Development should be bound to test the app for safety before deploying it or releasing it for the use of the customer. They should involve encrypted coding, anti-virus software and real-time testing techniques before launching the app. The devices on which these apps are supposed to be deployed should also have an anti-virus software installed into it. The internet router’s password provided by the service provider must be changed. Since most of the enterprises that use the mobile applications encourage their employees to bring their own devices for the app usage. In such a case the whole enterprise is at threat. The devices of all the employees must be scanned before deploying the application so that the security of the enterprise is not compromised. There should be stringent policies governing the usage of mobile applications and internet in the office and also on the personal devices of the employees.

It becomes the moral duty of the app developer to ensure safety of the customers while launching an app and should not follow the rush of releasing an app without proper checking and mock testing in real-time situations. It also makes the enterprise that uses the application responsible for its safety by making strict policies for mobile app usage and employing anti-hacking safety precautions in all the devices.                

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